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  • Innovative, fun, personalized seminars on work safety, ergonomics, good health practices and much more
  • Manager training — the key to getting company-wide buy-in for your injury-prevention and worker-protection program
  • Comprehensive workstation evaluations using quick, easy-to-implement and cost-conscious solutions
  • Walk-through evaluations — Quick, basic assessments of general work areas to identify risk factors
  • Customized packages that include both training and ergonomic evaluations
  • Individualized intervention programs for high-risk and symptomatic employees
  • Customized training for OSHA and California’s Ergonomics Standards
  • Muscle retraining with use of EMG biofeedback
  • Follow-up evaluations to reinforce behavioral changes and check any workplace modifications, plus free email, fax or phone follow-up as needed
  • Speech-recognition software accommodation consultation
  • ADA accommodations consultation
  • Customized health and ergonomic educational videos, Web pages, and CD ROMs